Bad for Lazarus

BAD FOR LAZARUS make us grin like Bruce Forsyth

A group formed from several members of other groups, as just about everything you read about them will tell you (go on, google it!), BAD FOR LAZARUS headlined London’s Camden Barfly this past Monday 3 December, and played a ‘secret’ gig the next day at 93 Feet East.

The most important thing about seeing this band live is their energetic performance and interaction with the crowd – the crowd are not at all hesitant to join in with the five-piece band with hair to ‘L’oreal’ for, who look to be enjoying what they do so much. Whilst playing a set of catchy songs that your dad might compare to Sabbath, or even The Four Seasons (actually forget your dad, that’s what I did…), the fact they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously means you don’t feel out of place grinning like Bruce Forsyth with a cuddly toy as you watch Dominic rock a variety of ‘flexi-lunges’ onstage, or care too much that trying to do so yourself would leave you aching in the morning. Brilliantly, the slight humour and love for the music comes across in the songs too, but not like, say, The Wurzels for instance; the music isn’t taken lightly – it’s poppy with heavy jumping choruses, which everybody could potentially enjoy.

For further proof, I would recommend the video for their single launched last month, ‘My Muddle’

It should also be noted that this band’s shirt collection is really rather nice…