DRAGONETTE turns up the heat at London’s Cargo

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, DRAGONETTE bring their fierce, synth-heavy brand of electro pop to London’s Cargo, deep in the heart of Shoreditch. It’s one of the coldest nights of the year so far, but fans of the band are out in force tonight, packing out the small venue from front to back, and it’s not long before Dragonette warm up their crowd’s frozen joints and have the whole room moving.

The music is eminently ‘pop’, but it’s by no means over-polished or too slick – it’s raw, bass heavy and frontwoman Martina carries the show, prowling up and down the front row and, while she’s clearly suffering with illness that leaves her voice just shy of full power, she gives her crowd no less than 100% throughout, jumping around the stage, inviting the audience to sing, clap and dance along. Martina’s energy is infectious and the crowd happily obliges, dancing with raised arms, flickering under the strobe lights.

We’re told that this is Dragonette’s last show in London for a while. It seems the wait will be too much to bear for some fans; shows like this one leave you wanting more.