Continuing our highlights from DAY 1 of FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2013

The other leading contender for best performance of the day, FLYING LOTUS blew fans away with such a powerful movement-inducing electro set accompanied by an incredible visual experience that it was difficult to refrain from dancing long enough to take pictures.

The brains behind the moniker, Steven Ellison, had himself positioned behind a tall pedestal with his equipment, which was between two giant white screens upon which trippy visualisations were projected: one behind him and one in front. This setup silhouetted his figure to the audience, and in combination with his amazing tunes, the effect was overwhelming. Ellison would raise both of his arms to the sky, head tilted back before the climax of each track struck, then break into dance – and all at once, the audience was a sea of movement.

Flying Lotus has made quite the name for himself as a world renowned music producer spanning various genres, no musical style out of reach for this enigma. As well as having released four studio albums in his musical career, he also boasts extensive experience composing music for films as well as collaborating with other artists. His latest album “Until The Quiet Comes” was released in 2012 to very positive reviews, and features guest vocals from Thom Yorke and Erykah Badu.