Continuing our highlights from Day 2 of FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2013

The weather took a turn for the worse just as FOALS were set to broach the White Stage, but this merely added to the euphoric, enraptured atmosphere emanating from the crowds for this set, and fans went positively wild when they broke into opening track “Prelude.”

The group has three albums under their belt since their first release “Antidotes” in 2008, and has met with much success both on their home turf in the UK and internationally. They played a well-rounded set at Fuji Rock, bursting with classics as well as the most popular tracks from their latest album “Holy Fire,” released in February this year.

Initially watching from the very back of the audience area for the White Stage, the effect that this band’s music had on fans was easy to see: even those too far back to see the stage were throwing their arms up dancing in the rain, everyone’s brightly coloured rain ponchos making for an amazing sight. Then from in front of the barrier, we saw the die-hard fans who just had to be close enough to touch the band, their faces all rapturous smiles and beaming adoration for the group’s entire performance. Despite the overflowing appreciation showed to the band by fans, singer Yannis Philippakis seemed rather apathetic for the entirety of the set, rarely daring to move around beyond a few steps and never cracking a smile; only at one point towards the end of their show did he step down from the stage to get closer to the fans, albeit briefly. Fans however didn’t seem to mind, lapping up every moment of the show.

Foals are now set to tour Australia and Europe promoting “Holy Fire.”