Continuing our highlights from Day 2 of FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2013

HURTS were the next group we caught on Day 2, playing in a completely packed Red Marquee. At first, it was hard to ascertain the main reason for this sudden bloating of this stage’s audience; it could have been that a charismatic and attractive male duo were exuding sultry retro alt-pop tunes for the enjoyment of anyone nearby, or perhaps that a sudden torrential downpour had forced many to seek refuge.

Luckily it was the former, with Hurts’ leading man Theo Hutchcraft positively captivating the crowd with his seductive vocals and engaging gesticulations, accompanied by the musical talents of bandmate Adam Anderson. The duo were dressed to kill, in snappy suits and rocking slicked back hair, opening their set with the sumptuous track “Exile,” and the result was a gushing audience lapping up every single note they played.

Hurts released their second album also named “Exile” earlier this year, a strong follow-up after their debut “Happiness” in 2010, which has garnered much attention for them around the world.

The pair closed their set with a powerful performance of “Stay,” rounding off a set that surely stuck in the minds of all who saw them. Hurts will soon embark on their expansive European tour promoting “Exile.”