BO NINGEN are a favourite live act for this reporter, so it was an absolute treat to have them open up the third day of Fuji Rock Festival in the Red Marquee.

The last time I caught these four London-based rockers (originally from Japan) was at Style Band Tokyo in Shibuya back in February, and it was there that I was witness to the brutal unleashing of raw acid-punk passion for which Bo Ningen have become notorious.

They were certainly no disappointment second time around, knocking fans flat with their consistently fierce live set, each member’s waist-length hair and cloak-like attire giving the impression you’d stumbled upon a psychedelic coven of witches.

A bonus during the set was a guest vocal performance from Jehnny Beth of SAVAGES, also on the Fuji Rock lineup for that day, and a band with which Bo Ningen have developed a close friendship in London. Together they performed their co-written track “Nichijyou,” and the combined intensity of Beth and Bo Ningen was a live experience to remember.

Enigmatic lead vocalist and bassist Taigen ended the set by stepping out upon the boxes meant for mounting the festival’s video cameras, getting close to the audience and menacingly hitting his bass while holding it straight out from his stomach, a typically strange and engaging finale from the band.

Bo Ningen is now back in London playing shows, and are set to play Big Day Out in Australia next year.