Continuing our highlights from Day 3 of FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2013

Perhaps the most pleasantly surprising act of the entire festival was that of three sisters from LA by the name of HAIM. The title is the surname of these three female rock wonders Danielle, Alana and Este plus drummer Dash Hutton, who have positively rocketed to international fame in a short period of time, only seriously starting to call themselves a band in 2012 and having yet to release an actual album (their debut effort “Days Are Gone” is set to be released 30 September).

They are however no strangers to playing shows, the three of them playing informally as Haim since 2006, the two older siblings Danielle and Este previously playing in Sony/Columbia Records-signed group Valli Girls which achieved some degree of success and recognition.

On the Sunday, the girls straight up rocked more than almost any other act we saw over the three days, giving fans a refreshingly passionate and energetic set; each of the girls was equipped with microphone and a set of drums, and were repeatedly switching instruments throughout the set. Bassist Este Haim was a real treat to watch, pulling menacing faces whilst hammering her bass guitar furiously, and lead guitarist Danielle manoeuvred her guitar around the stage with superb showmanship and technical skill. Youngest sister Alana looked as though she was having a blast, beating drums while simultaneously playing keys and encouraging the audience to dance.

Haim already look set to have a stellar musical career, and fans can finally enjoy their debut album later on this month, accompanied by a US tour then Europe supporting Phoenix.