Continuing our highlights from Day 3 of FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2013

Post-rock instrumental quartet from Tokyo, LITE, bestowed their noodly guitar goodness to a small but tightly-packed crowd of fans next at the Red Marquee.

The group has been playing shows in Japan since 2003, and their prowess in creating massive math-rock styled expanses of music has allowed them to tour internationally, further solidifying their position as a front-runner in the genre. Lite have four studio albums as well as a vast array of EPs, mini-albums and even a split with Funanori recorded in 2007, a group featuring Mike Watt of Minutemen and The Stooges fame.

Their set on the Sunday was understated and modest, allowing their astounding technical abilities to give their set the punch and vigour that fans had gathered to see. Trying to keep track of the time signature changes in some of their songs is futile for many, intricate guitar phrases weaving in with seemingly sporadic stops and starts, making for an incredibly engaging aural experience. Their drummer Akinari Yamamoto was particularly fun to watch, making wildly passionate facial expressions while smashing out complicated drumlines.

Lite will be playing a solo event at Laforet Museum on 5 October and have plans to tour the US in October 2014.