Continuing our highlights from Day 3 of FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2013

The girls in London band SAVAGES certainly know how to play a banger of a show, with leading lady Jehnny Beth putting on an intensely stirring performance on the White Stage of Fuji Rock, all clenched fists and domineering stares at audience members.

They opened with track “City’s Full” from their only album “Silence Yourself,” immediately setting the tone for the entire set, a thrilling and uniquely riveting vibe induced by impassioned lyrics and equally enthused performances from every band member.

Savages’ post-punk revival is a truly refreshing experience, and the fans responded with a ferocity matching that of the act itself. The group only started playing shows recently, 2012 in fact, so for them to be at a point where they’re in a later slot of Fuji Rock Festival already is quite astounding. That is, until you listen to their music, at which point all becomes clear: this is a group with indomitable passion and the technical skills to match, a combination which has propelled Savages to worldwide fame. They closed with hit single “Husbands” and left fans in total awe of such a stellar performance.

While accused by a number of industry observers of being a hype band born out of a calculated industrial strategy with forced direction and image with insufficient longterm substance, which hasn’t been helped by Jehn’s reputation as a strikingly dominant force within the band and her increased notoriety for public outbursts, the band demonstrated once again that whether they are here to stay or not, they are prepared to make the most of their sudden rise to recognition and prove their worth.

Their debut album was released in May this year and was ranked 19 in the UK album charts. Savages have a handful of UK dates scheduled in November.