JAPANDROIDS rock the Shibuya stage

Canadian rock outfit JAPANDROIDS returned to Japan last week, delivering a solid performance at WWW in Shibuya on Monday much to the delight of their loyal Japanese fanbase. The band’s current headlining tour through Japan is certainly a step up from the midday slot at Fuji Rock Festival they played last year. Members Dave (drums) and Brian (guitar) are touring on their second album, Celebration Rock, a record which has garnered the boys worldwide acclaim.

The band was very humble throughout their two-hour performance on Monday night, constantly thanking the audience for their support and attendance. When The House That Heaven Built – arguably the bands most popular song – was finally played, the crowd was quick to show their enthusiasm, and the dual vocals between the pair served as an effective motivator for the crowd to heartily join in with the necessary “whoa ohs.”  The final song of the evening saw Brian jump onto Dave’s kick drum to perform his guitar solo while Dave banged his kit to hell, upholding their reputation as super energetic rock performers. The duo provided their Tokyo fans with the rock and roll performance they were dying to see, and the one that has made them internationally renowned musicians.