Karin Park blows the venue in Hoxton London – twice!

Karin Park has been impressing us with her live shows ever since her London album launch where, despite a sudden power cut, the Swedish electro ice queen performed, unfazed by the unexpected glitch.

The new album Highwire Poetry also won Karin more brownie points — listening to the album on loop, it was clear that it was only a matter of time before UK audiences discovered the Swedish sensation. Live shows at London’s Shacklewell Arms and Manchester’s Castle convinced us further that Karin was an icon in the making.

But the point at which we really began to hold Karin close to our journalistic heart was when she passionately expressed her sincere support for the jailed Russian Pussy Riot members. Finishing up the 9 September Free Pussy Riot London Fundraiser Concert at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen with a blistering DJ set, Karin proved herself to be both a brilliant role model and multi-talented musician.

So, here we are at another point in Karin’s journey — the very next day after the fundraiser, at the same venue. She’s in good spirits and ready to ‘bring it’ to the hungry London crowds. Offstage, Karin looks as fresh as ever, humble and graceful in demeanour, but one step onto the stage and the ‘diva within’ is released — stunning platform boots, chic electro-punk look, keytar and all. While brother David pounds the drums, she smashes the busy venue with her beautiful vocals, distinctive synth tunes and lofty enigmatic presence, leaving the crowds entranced from beginning to end. This woman has charisma in bucket-loads.

Shifting deftly from instrument to instrument, she moves onto standing keys, pounds her own drum, picks up her keytar again, and the show gathers intensity. By the time Karin gets to Thousand Loaded Guns, the crowds are on a high, dancing to every sound the brother-sister team push out. Restless leaves the crowds wanting more, as Karin blows a kiss to the fans and enters the gig climax.

Forget about “icon in the making” — Karin Park is a ready-made icon waiting for the industry to play catch-up.