LIVERPOOL SOUND CITY 2015 snuck up upon us as we gathered ourselves for another eclectic lineup of acts, local and international. Relocated onto the docks, the festival has lost its small-town feature, tossing that out for a more mainstream affair, much to the chagrin of many a journo and punter. Along with the relocation came bitingly chilly winds and so out with the winter gear… indeed, not the ideal time of year for an outdoor dock-centric festival in the north of England, but hey, we were prepared to take it on and give it a chance. Let’s just say it was certainly costlier for the average punter, as well as a whole lot colder, and yes it has sadly lost its characterstic home-from-home atmosphere it was once famed for. The lineup was curious, edging more towards dreaded Radio 1 territory. In any case, limited by time this year, we picked out some of the bands we were most interested in seeing.

Local band ALL WE ARE have been enjoying a slow burn, gently exploding onto the main stage of this year’s festival. Fortunately for them, the sun was out and the crowds were happy to boogy along to their chill tracks.

They certainly seemed a confident trio, and although the music was nothing to write home about, it was nice to finally see these guys in a setting which really suited them and the vibe they want to give out. Smiley faces all round, these guys were willing crowd-pleasers and certainly earned themselves more fans.

Check out more of our photos of ALL WE ARE on the main stage of LIVERPOOL SOUND CITY, below

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