We were blown away by Natalie Findlay et al aka FINDLAY at last year’s LIVERPOOL SOUND CITY, and this year we’re geared up for another Findlay explosion. Catching her this time on the Cargo Stage as part of the new festival layout on the chilly docks, we were prepared for this show to be less intimate though no less spellbinding than the incredible Zanzibar experience last year.

Inside the tent, the crowds gather, and die-hard Findlay fans race to bag the front rows. The atmosphere is definitely more subdued than last year’s show, there’s just too much daylight for one, but that doesn’t stop the band from rocking the stage or Natalie from giving her all as she bellows into the mic and raises her arms up in the air in indignation to tie in with the impassioned lyrics and high-energy sounds.

Several journos and fans around me are saying the same thing as they watch Natalie tear up the stage: how is it possible that she’s not already massive?? Good question, indeed… Whatever the reason, we all feel privileged to be able to see her give surely one of the best performances of the festival within such close proximity. One suspects the machinations of the mainstream industry are behind the slow recognition of Natalie Findlay’s broad talents, but the slow burn could possibly be a very good thing for the singer-songwriter in this age of hyper-commercial music.


We look forward to catching the band again. For now, check out more of our photos of Findlay below, taken at Liverpool Sound City 2015…

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