Off the back of their self-titled fourth album, Brighton duo BLOOD RED SHOES are in town and a hotly anticipated act at LIVERPOOL SOUND CITY 2014. Appearing at a stupidly late time on a weekday, past 1am on the Duke Street Garage pop-up venue lineup, the venue is only half to three-quarters full. This doesn’t put die-hard fans off, as they are committed and already swarming towards the stage before Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell enter to rapturous applause.

The band proceed to devastate the venue, with highlights including the brilliant Speech Coma, whose accompanying official video has already gained a reputation, having been banned by MTV (something to be rather proud of, I would assume).

The set zooms on at blistering speed, crashing drums and guitar riffs to die for. We’re treated to a high-calibre performance, Laura-Mary at times strikingly standing right in front of Steven’s kit. The fans mosh fiercely at front of stage, and despite the chilly outdoor temperature, they bravely soldier on through to almost 2am.

Still wildly underrated by the UK mainstream music industry, maybe partly by their own design, this band are quite something to behold. Blood Red Shoes are the real deal and not to be underestimated.