Manchester congregates to launch CHVRCHES headline tour

It’s Monday night and it’s absolutely freezing in Manchester city centre. Under these conditions, you’ve got to have a good reason to venture out of the house. The Ruby Lounge has spun an excellent trick to lure people out of their homes and brave the cold climes. As temperatures drop outside, a congregation of heat-seeking worshippers of cool music collects downstairs at the famed venue.

Several photographers are waiting at the stage for this band who popped up on the BBC’s Sound of 2013, eventually finishing fifth, and who has since been gathering buzz, not least because of their stunning melodies and lead singer Lauren Mayberry’s electric vocals. Ladies and gentlemen: we are gathered here today to welcome CHVRCHES and celebrate the dawn of their headline tour.   

Mayberry, a slight and unassuming figure as she walks on stage, within minutes shows herself to be quite a force of nature, stature aside. She’s misplaced her tambourine and proclaimed that she’ll be the thorn in your side until the day you die. She jokes that someone once told her that “We Sink” was a lovely love song. The crowd appreciate her ironic stance, adoring her voice and the music. “Lies” sounds like it’s from another time, but a time that has crashed headlong into the age of the iPad.

Many commented beforehand that they were not quite sure what to expect from tonight’s show, not having seen Chvrches live before, but most if not all can sleep soundly knowing that they have been suitably rewarded for venturing out into the chilly night, and that this Glasgow band are well deserving of their Sound of 2013 listing and the hype that is surely following them. Just expect the venues and lineups to get bigger from now… (Manchester can get more of them on 1 May at Sound Control)