MIKA brings rays of musical delight and snow showers to Roundhouse

MIKA (aka Michael Holbrook Penniman) has been touring his ‘Origin of Love’ album for a couple months now, and is showing no signs of getting tired. Ever one for theatrics, his stage set resembles a highly-decorated Stonehenge, covered with symbols like snakes, apples and fire, and he walks onstage under a hail of seasonal fake snow.

Mika doesn’t use these visual elements as a crutch or to compensate for anything lacking in his musical content. Far from it, he and his band, complete with a small gospel choir at times, are on top form throughout their renditions of “Grace Kelly,” “Relax, Take it Easy” and newer songs like “Love You when I’m Drunk.” It’s fun, family-friendly, but mildly risqué pop music at its least contrived and most genuine, and the audience lap it up gladly.

Mika’s next UK date is at the HMV Ritz, Manchester – they can expect a treat for the eyes and ears.