Every ANI DIFRANCO show is memorable. Her loyal fanbase will attest to the fact that no matter what album she’s working on at the time, whatever its flavour and content, the Little Folksinger as she’s come to be affectionately known delivers each time and reminds us that we’re in the presence of greatness and inspiration. Always one to experiment with her music and lyrics, pushing boundaries where we may not even realise boundaries exist, she also rarely misses a chance to voice her political and social concerns from the stage. All of this makes her not only one of the most valued living songwriters and guitar-players in music history, but also a hugely significant and sometimes controversial cultural figure. Continue reading ANI DIFRANCO: ALLERGIC TO WATER in MANCHESTER & LONDON

The hunt for HERO FISHER

There are not many bands I would do this for: a bit of a running joke within our team at Liverpool Sound City, “The hunt for Hero Fisher” kept us very busy one day. Tipped off by a colleague that this was one to watch, we fully intend to see Hero Fisher perform in Liverpool, but due to traffic, we just miss her and spend quite a few hours trawling the streets and venues asking if people had seen HERO FISHER. Continue reading The hunt for HERO FISHER


Natalie Findlay is always good value live. You know what you’re going to get, and each time you get it, it’s rawer and sexier, the vocals are searing and the attitude is biting. Tonight, she’s performing at Zanzibar as part of LIVERPOOL SOUND CITY 2014, and you couldn’t ask for a better venue for this 150% performer – a pokey bar with great character and a low stage. Thanks to a perfect set time of just past midnight on a Friday night, we’re all packed tightly in here, already sweating and ready to take on the live wire that is FINDLAY. Continue reading LIVERPOOL SOUND CITY – FINDLAY


Liverpool-based SOUTHERN have a little buzz following them. Folk-rock with a heavy dash of bluegrass is what we’re expecting from this brother-sister duo, accompanied tonight by a drummer and bass player at Leaf Café as part of LIVERPOOL SOUND CITY 2014. I’m intrigued by the sounds that Thom and Lucy Southern are producing, and frankly just looking forward to hearing something other than the all-too-common indie or psychedelic rock that pervades the UK industry. Continue reading LIVERPOOL SOUND CITY – SOUTHERN