PSYCHO DELIA makes London live debut

Dee Plume, of British electropunk band ROBOTS IN DISGUISE, is something of a larger than life character, and it is this fact that carries her new act PSYCHO DELIA through their first live outing at the Babble Jar in London’s Stoke Newington tonight. Her new setup also features female drummer ‘The Ward.’

The venue isn’t packed to the rafters and feels like quite a private affair, creating the perfect environment for this new band to test the waters, air new material and, most importantly, have some damn good fun!

Opening with first single “2 Degrees of Separation,” Dee stops the song right from the start, with the light at her feet obstructing the view of the guitar. Nonchalantly kicking over the light, the set continues, and it’s a raw, bare bones punk rock affair from there on out.

Gleefully interacting with the crowd, Dee and The Ward seem to be having a great time, and so do the audience. The mistakes, which in all fairness are frequent, just don’t matter in this environment, as Dee and the crowd laugh them off, even when their stripped down cover of Madonna’s “Physical Attraction” grinds to a halt with Dee admitting, “I don’t know how to play this song!” inciting nothing but cheers and laughter from the inhabitants of the Babble Jar. It’s far from polished, but everyone’s loving it – and really, isn’t that the point?

Closing song “Short Arms and Short Legs” is a winner. “This song is about myself, in case anyone thinks I’m being mean…” says Dee, as she and The Ward power through, laughing as they go, and by the end, the audience is shouting along to the song’s titular refrain.

The set barely lasts 20 minutes, each song feeling rather like somebody, somehow, liquidized the essence of the word ‘fun,’ carbonated it, shook the bottle and sprayed it at the crowd for 2 minutes at a time, laughing while they did. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next. The video and single release date for “2 Degrees of Separation” is 27 May – we can’t wait to check it out.