SECOND HAND WINGS debut album launch

We’re here again at Salford’s Islington Mill, this time to check out Bolton band SECOND HAND WINGS and see where they’re at these days. We last spotted them at Manchester Pride supporting HEATHER PEACE in 2011, so it’s been some time and now they’re launching their debut album “Mountain City.” Giving Bolton shoppers a preview the day before at Bolton Marketplace, they’re celebrating the album release at this renowned venue.

The room is already bustling, laid out with tables and chairs creating a cosy atmosphere to house the friends and family of the five-piece band. This is definitely not your average Mill gig crowd.

Onstage, a living-room style layout with side tables, drapes and candles immediately frames the band as a folky outfit – no moshing tonight, then. As lead singer Heather Walkington-Peak greets the crowds and gets the night rolling, we’re treated to 2 sets where we get to hear the entire album performed live. Vocal harmonies are a bit shaky in the first set – the band are understandably nervous but the crowds do their best to lend moral support as Chris and Babs model the band’s t-shirts to applause and whoops.

Second Hand Wings

The intermission allows the crowds to meet and greet the band – the break, the donuts (and the tequila shots) help the band to wind down as they enter the next set. The vocals are by now a lot tighter and the harmonies sync well. At times Gab’s huskier vocals outshine those of Heather’s but that is the beauty of this band where each member has something to offer. The melodies are memorable, some tunes stuck in the head after the event.

All in all, a satisfying album party and a steady start to this band’s career.