THE VIEW smash back with “Seven Year Setlist”

Since 2006, THE VIEW have been one of the most formative names in the indie genre. Now after 7 years, spanning 4 albums and numerous awards and appraisals from critics, they’re launching “Seven Year Setlist” – a compilation album that also features their new single “Standard” – all set for release on 17 June.

The intimate setting of London’s Borderline certainly creates a feeling of anticipation as it starts to fill up with fans ranging from all ages and all backgrounds (with quite a few Scots, mind!). The View arrive onstage to a huge round of applause and cheers. It’s clear that there is a solid relationship between the band and their fans as it’s almost like old friends meeting again. It’s all very personal as the crowd give a chorus of “The View, The View, The View are on fire!” I was lucky enough to interview the guys before the gig and was met with friendliness – and a few beers! It was refreshing to meet a successful band that had a real down to earth quality to them.

The set kicks off with “AB (we need treatment)” from their 2012 “Cheeky for Reason” album – a modest choice. Soon after though, the hits are fired out. Even if you’re not overly familiar with their back catalogue, it’s clear which songs are old favourites based solely on the crowd’s reaction. Each song is met with excitement and a reverb of voices as they sing along. It’s great to hear a set that really does span their 7-year career, including “Wasted Little DJs” from their debut album “Hats off to the Buskers” – the song fills you with a feeling of youthful angst that no doubt has the audience feeling nostalgic.

For “Skag Trendy,” bassist Kieran Webster takes on frontman duties, trading his bass for a guitar and giving an energetic performance, clearly enjoying the spotlight and the reaction from the fans.

It’s clear that the band are still one that genuinely enjoy their profession, as drummer Steven Morrison already expressed earlier in the evening. Of course, when “Same Jeans” is played (the band’s biggest hit to date, reaching #3 in the charts back in 2007) the reaction is staggering, with dancing, cheering and a buzzing atmosphere that shows that the fans were as happy to have the band back as they themselves are sure to be.

They finish on a high with “Shock Horror” from second album “Which Bitch?” – a great end to a very eclectic set.

Due to support the Stone Roses on Saturday 15 June to a 50,000 strong audience, I have no doubt that they won’t disappoint. What’s refreshing is that, unlike most other bands, they’ve given the fans added some new material to their compilation album, a mix of old and new. With the promise of them returning to the studio, I look forward to seeing what’s next.

Photos by Graham Turner