There’s something about EVERYTHING EVERYTHING…

I’ve been eager to see Manchester-based band EVERYTHING EVERYTHING live for a while, and London’s Heaven is a great venue to hold them for my first time. Having come to love them mostly from their debut album “Man Alive,” I am intrigued to see if the live version lives up to the recorded one.

From the darkness they emerge, and I am instantly drawn into their world. Jonathan Higgs’ vocals are stunning, giving me goose-bumps from the moment he starts performing. I begin to have the sensation that I’m watching a fairy tale in progress, backed by an innovative and spellbinding soundtrack. With the band visibly enjoying the show, the crowds respond in like and come alive from track to track. This band knows how to engage their audience, and you can feel the rush of excitement and burst of energy welling up from the floor throughout the night.

Every track is well performed, and “Don’t Try” off their new album “Arc” is an epic closer to the show, leaving a deep imprint on me. With the song resounding in my head as I leave the packed venue for the cold London night, I’m more than satisfied and left hoping that it won’t be too long before I see this band live again.