CHVRCHES were up next, playing their third Japan date for 2014 at HOSTESS CLUB WEEKENDER on Saturday after headlining shows in Tokyo and Osaka.

Keen for a second helping of these lovely Scots and their irresistible electro-pop melodies, we were front and centre after witnessing their erratic, flashy set in Ebisu with ERRORS earlier this week.

This time around the crowd and venue were even bigger, absolutely full of fans evidently dying to see the trio live. They played a set full of their hits, including Recover, By The Throat and Gun.

After some sound difficulties at their Ebisu show, Lauren once again seemed to be having some issues, fiddling with her earpiece volume constantly and even straying out of tune at some points, however they kept it together and fans were still gushing with gratitude and applause.

They closed with The Mother We Share, a wise decision as the audience positively exploded for this finale. Japan was eager to show their love for Chvrches in every way possible, and the band posted pictures of gifts they received from fans at Hostess Club Weekender including handwritten letters and plush toys.

The group have a ton of tour dates lined up, the next tour set for the UK in March.