LA’s soulful R&B duo INC. are second to perform at HOSTESS CLUB WEEKENDER in Tokyo on the Saturday, standing out as a unique entity amongst an otherwise fairly consistent indie/alt-rock lineup. Since releasing their first album “no world” in January, brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged have received quite a bit of attention for their moody soul efforts, and yet remain surprisingly low-key online. Even though the duo have yet to spring into the forefront of the scene, they’re no strangers to success and stardom, already boasting recording and tour experiences with the likes of Elton John, Pharrell and Beck in their relatively short musical career.

Saturday’s show marks their first time to Japan, and they regale their audience with their signature moody, almost furtive, soul vibe, opening with the undeniably sexy track “Desert Rose.” Their entire set is absolutely dripping with 90s R&B goodness, much to the delight of their followers or any fans of the likes of Toro Y Moi or Prince in the audience who are yet to experience these understated pros.

While usually performing live standing and jiving on guitar and bass with a third person on drums, their Tokyo performance sees them seated, in the absence of a live drummer, with Daniel on keys/synth and Andrew on guitar and vocals. This may be responsible for what comes across as a rather unexciting performance, however their deep melancholic beats are played superbly and stand alone to emit a vibe that is impossible not to appreciate.

The brothers will soon embark on their huge “No World” US tour, beginning 10 July in Hollywood.