OKKERVIL RIVER played a lively and passionate set on Saturday night at HOSTESS CLUB WEEKENDER in Tokyo. Currently touring, promoting their latest album The Silver Gymnasium, the group delivered a refreshingly enthusiastic set full of new tracks as well as old favourites for those fans who’ve been following along since the bands formation in 1998.

Leading man Will Sheff was a treat to watch on stage, throwing himself about and interacting with his bandmates who seemed to serve as a frame for him to bounce around between.

Okkervil River have released seven full-length albums since their conception, most of which have received much critical praise and allowed them to tour worldwide. Sheff is the only original member still remaining, with their current touring lineup consisting of Lauren Gurgiolo on lead guitar, Cully Symington on drums, Patrick Pestorius on bass and Justin Sherburn on keys.

The group opened with the first two tracks from The Silver Gymasium, It Was My Season and On A Balcony, and fans were instantly taken with the group’s playful rock melodies, heads bopping along with the music. The real gem of the set was Sheff’s solo performance of A Stone, a truly beautiful and intimate rendition showcasing his impressive musical talents, then proceeding to close with Unless It’s Kicks from 2007 album The Stage Names.

Will Sheff is truly a multitalented individual, constantly pushing creative boundaries, most recently showcased by the fact that the group currently has a kickstarter campaign running (links can be found on their website) attempting to fund a short film by Will Sheff, based around their track Down Down the Deep River from their latest album. Okkervil River will be touring next in Australia and New Zealand in February 2014.