On Wednesday 9 April 2014, two brilliant British bands DELOOZE and THE WITCH HUNT took to the stage to co-headline a special show at the legendary Castle Hotel venue in Manchester, to preview the upcoming ECLECTICA PROJECT designed to showcase female talent and leadership in the industries which is set to hit Kraak Manchester on 2-3 August.

With special guests including local support FACTORY ACTS and burlesque performer CHERIE BEBE, the show was MCd by the excellent ZOE IQBAL and drew a variety of music fans from the Northern Quarter area.

Here are photos of London’s DELOOZE, the three-piece led by Stacey DeLooze. This show was the first date of their UK tour to promote the release of their debut album Glass Army which is now out. DeLooze delivered a thundering set with some of the best vocals and tunes the venue has heard in a long time, perfectly facilitated by some stellar sound engineering.

Buzz band in the making THE WITCH HUNT smashed the venue, singer Louisa Osborn demonstrating her powerful pipes and bringing a suitable diva touch to the occasion, with Chris Mulligan and Ste Anderson providing the remaining intensity. They just get better and better with every show and are a must-see band in the UK. Here are some photos of Louisa in the moment.

Always brilliant value live, Salford duo FACTORY ACTS are producing some of the best sounds in the North, with Susan O’Shea providing vocals and synth wonderments and Matt Davies on bass. Their set transported us to an other-worldly ’80s planet, a reminder of Manchester in its better days, and a glittering sign of things to come for this band and Salford. Here are Susan and Matt in deep space musical meditation.

Ms. CHERIE BEBE provided a lovely break in proceedings and you can catch Cherie again at her regular BURLESQUE REVUE at Matt & Phreds. ZOE IQBAL made us giggle as usual and she did an amazing job of keeping the event running and of course the raffle was a lot of fun. Many thanks to all who supported and who came to make this a special night, especially all acts, staff, venue & engineer, photographers Mike Hughes and Shay Rowan, and supportive businesses.