Liverpool-based SOUTHERN have a little buzz following them. Folk-rock with a heavy dash of bluegrass is what we’re expecting from this brother-sister duo, accompanied tonight by a drummer and bass player at Leaf Café as part of LIVERPOOL SOUND CITY 2014. I’m intrigued by the sounds that Thom and Lucy Southern are producing, and frankly just looking forward to hearing something other than the all-too-common indie or psychedelic rock that pervades the UK industry.

They’re from Belfast originally, now settled in Liverpool. Tonight, they have brought a following, the venue’s reasonably busy and they’ve got a sweet time slot and venue allocation.

It takes only a matter of seconds before they’ve got the room rocking to their tunes. There’s nothing overly memorable about the songs, but as you listen more intently, you can hear some blistering lyrics and the performance is tight.

Thom is a ball of energy on stage, Lucy a steady force. Maybe what they could do with is more gigs and more relaxation, which will inevitably come with time. What comes oozing off the stage is ambition and calculation – they are a finely honed machine, but do they have the natural charisma and sounds to carry them through? With already connections in high places, they are certainly a band to keep an eye on.