UK’s KING KRULE was the third act at Sunday’s HOSTESS CLUB WEEKENDER, and they were a breath of fresh air in terms of a visually engaging show.


The man behind the moniker Archy Marshall’s sincere and passionate performance truly set King Krule apart from every other act on Sunday. It was the first time we’d seen some real movement and excitement on stage, each band member really jamming out on their respective instruments and Marshall stopping to close his eyes and soulfully sing in between bouts of guitar solo flailing about the stage. You’d be forgiven for thinking they were writing the music as they played, each note was projected with such feeling and the jazzy riffs natural enough to create a truly improvisational vibe.

They closed their set with fan-favourite track Out Getting Ribs, released under one of Marshall’s other monikers Zoo Kid, and the minimalist YouTube video for which has over 2 million views. He serenaded fans with every track, and whether it was the smooth and doleful tones of Baby Blue or the more aggressive, punchy notes of A Lizard State, the audience was rapt.


King Krule has four EPs under his belt, and released his first full-length album 6 Feet Beneath The Moon in August last year, which was met so positively that he was nominated for BBC’s Sound of 2013. Marshall and his band will now go on to play a handful of shows lined up for France and Germany.