Indie rock veterans SEBADOH were the next band to play at HOSTESS CLUB WEEKENDER. Seemingly, the band that everyone had been waiting to see (to be expected after having just released their first album in 14 years), the hall actually properly filled up for the first time that day. Fans of not only Sebadoh but Dinosaur Jr. were able to enjoy the talents of Lou Barlow in the flesh, as well as early member Jason Loewenstein and more recently Bob D’Amico on drums.

The group has undergone an array of intermittent hiatuses and varying members in their lifetime, creating an intertwining timeline of people and albums which spans back to their birth in Massachusetts in 1986. Their set was incredibly strong and tight, and yet raw in their true rock passion, to be expected of a lineup that’s been playing on and off for 27 years.

Originally formed by Lou Barlow on lead vocals and Eric Gaffney on drums (later replaced by Bob D’Amico), and joined in 1989 by Jason Loewenstein on guitar, Sebadoh consistently released albums every couple of years for the first decade of their existence, and then after a 14-year break from recording since 1999, they suddenly released the Secret EP online, followed by full length album Defend Yourself earlier this year, making for a hearty total of eight plus contributions to three compilation albums.

Latest effort Defend Yourself has received mixed reviews online, the band facing the difficult task of releasing an album after such a long break, and the battle to please both fans hoping for a sound that doesn’t stray too far from the nostalgia they associate with older material and those more eager to hear a fresh sound from the group.

Their set on Saturday was punchy and well received by audience members, the setlist comprised of a handful of tracks from the new album, but largely older tracks to the delight of those members of the audience hoping to see a classic set from Sebadoh.  The group are now set to embark on a comprehensive US tour in February 2014.