LA four-piece WARPAINT were up next at HOSTESS CLUB WEEKENDER, and they proceeded to get fans moving with a dark and broody rock performance.

With Emily Kokal on lead vocals and guitar, Theresa Wayman on guitar, vocals and keys, Jenny Lee Lindberg on bass and Stella Mozgawa on drums, the stage was well and truly set for a killer performance, the four straight up nailing their show, each of them a master of their multiple instruments.


Kokal appeared to be struggling with her earpiece throughout the set, intermittently pulling it out and putting it back in throughout the show, however never faltering in her powerful vocal performance. Her saucy dance moves and interactions with each band member made for a truly entertaining live act.

Wayman was just as captivating, and for her vocal solos she stared hauntingly into the audience, sultry and entrancing. Mozgawa was the faultless metronome for the show, set up beside the adorable Lindberg dressed in overalls and nailing every bass riff she encountered.

Warpaint have been playing since 2004, and their experience really shows on stage; the four knew exactly what to do to get the fans excited and yet not overdo it. They’ve released two EPs and two full length albums, the most recent of which was in January this year, their latest album simply titled Warpaint receiving favourable reviews in the media. The quartet are now set to play almost thirty dates throughout the US in March, including three dates in Austin with Hostess Club Weekender co-stars THE NATIONAL, before setting off to play a spattering of huge festivals from Europe to South America.