YOUTH LAGOON was the next act fans were treated to on Day 2 of HOSTESS CLUB WEEKENDER. They opened with the dreamy tones of Mute, the second track from latest album Wondrous Bughouse, and the audience was instantly smitten.

Looking rather like a child popping out of a pillow fort, Youth Lagoon mastermind Trevor Powers remained behind his tall, cloth-covered synth tables for the majority of his set, only emerging briefly for some vocal solos at the front of the stage. His tattooed, long-haired bandmates were largely inactive for the show, leaving the audience-engaging duties to Powers alone, an impossible task hidden away from the crowd as he was. The result: a rather unexciting performance visually, forgiven by a crowd consisting heavily of fans who deeply adore his poppy, distant melodies.


Youth Lagoon now have two albums under their collective belt, The Year of Hibernation and Wondrous Bughouse, and have this year contributed a track to a compilation called The Space Project, where each artist was given a planet and actual recordings of audio from Voyager probes, and asked to create a song. The tune is called Worms and it’s definitely worth a listen – a more edgy and dark track than what we’ve heard previously.