SHATTERJAPAN (SJ) is a new international website featuring reports, interviews and photographs of artists in edgy music, film and culture. The project was originally conceived in Tokyo by Founder & Chief Editor Olivia Mayumi Moss. Frustrated by lack of media visibility of female artists, artists of colour and minority artists, she set about researching the arts industries and building from scratch a project giving committed professional creatives the opportunity to enhance their careers and industries. SHATTERJAPAN is the culmination of several years of research and networking.

This project allows creatives from various professional and ethnic backgrounds to put into practice their outstanding talents and collaborate together in creating a new and edgy voice in the media – we are injecting ethics, imagination and courage back into the industry. We focus on indepth analysis of artists, supported by exceptionally high-quality writing, editing and exciting visual imagery. With our ultra-professional and ethical approach, we offer a unique reinvention of modern intelligent journalism.

With staff in Manchester and Tokyo, we think on an international level and engage in the industries on a far deeper level than the average media outlet:

  • On 9 September 2012, we launched our first event: the historical Free Pussy Riot London concert at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, with participation by Kerry McCarthy (Labour MP for Bristol East and a shadow foreign minister), filmmaker Pratibha Parmar (director of feature documentary “Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth”) and several bands including Peggy Sue, New Young Pony Club, Karin Park, Esben And The Witch and Gaggle.
  • On 4 November 2012, we held the Free Pussy Riot Tokyo event at Las Chicas in Shibuya, featuring Japanese headlining band Group A and many artists from various areas of the Japanese and international arts industries and academia.
  • On 24 February 2013, we held the Freedom concert at Hoxton featuring bands Chvrches, Au Palais, The Voyeurist, Skinny Girl Diet, Cat Bear Tree, Sheen and more.
  • On 17-19 August 2013 we held our biggest event so far: a three-day festival “REVOLUTION” at Manchester Kraak to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of Pussy Riot’s sentencing and to celebrate freedom of art and expression. The event featured exclusive performances by 15 live bands, including Princess Century (Toronto’s Maya Postepski of Austra/Trust), Sophie Delila, The Witch Hunt, Roughneck Riot, Bad Grammar and many more.
  • In July/August/September 2014, as a co-founder of the new non-profit ECLECTICA Project (advocating equality for women and minorities in all industries, www.eclecticaproj.com), along with StageSurfing (www.stagesurfing.org), we featured several artists on the launch & spinoff live/dj/panel lineups including NINA, Jesca Hoop, Skinny Girl Diet, DeLooze, The Witch Hunt, U.V., Tahita Bulmer (of NYPC), Sophia Hamadi (of Opale), Meat Free DJs and more.

This site also doubles as a hub for specialist services, primarily professional Japanese-English translation & English editing/writing services for corporations, law firms and media organizations. You can also enlist our design/photography and consultation services.

We look forward to hearing from you.