Glasgow-based band HONEYBLOOD have been racking up praise for their catchy grunge-pop tracks and killer gigs, while clinging on to a DIY approach. I’ve been keeping an eye on them for a while and finally had the chance to see them live at this year’s LIVERPOOL SOUND CITY 2015. I was expecting them to be good live, but wasn’t prepared for just how impressive they would be and how brilliantly written their tracks are. The word has certainly been getting around, as their well attended set at the Baltic Stage on a chilly Sunday afternoon proved.

They’re definitely a band you have to see live because of their raw performance. Lead singer Stina Tweeddale is suitably charismatic and humble, her beautiful lilting vocals infused with confidence and passion. She repeatedly thanks the crowds for their attentiveness, and politely natters at the crowd in between tracks.

Cat Myers is the new drummer, and boy does she perform with flair. It’s always great to see a drummer with such character and holding your attention throughout. So the switch seems to be working well, and the chemistry between the two is tangible.

All in all, this was a very impressive show and I would love to see them live again soon. I highly recommend investing in their self-titled album Honeyblood for a glimpse into how much potential this band has, and try to catch them live while they’re still accessible. Certainly one of the rawest and most exciting bands to come out of the UK for many years, Honeyblood has won my heart at least.

Chatting briefly to the girls after the show, they come across as really loving music and more than willing to do the hard grind to earn their success, mentioning that they’re off right away to Nottingham to play another show on the same day. We chat about what music they listen to, and when I ask if they also DJ, Stina becomes very animated, saying they’d actually just been chatting about doing more DJing. So, it looks like there’s plenty more to come from the duo. For now, check out more photos we took of them in Liverpool…

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