WILD NOTHING back in Japan

At the end of October, Virginia’s WILD NOTHING made their second appearance in Tokyo for 2013, after Jack Tatum and his band played at the Astro Hall in March earlier this year. This time it was Club Quattro that was packed out, a room of dedicated fans staring adoringly up at the band enjoying another sold out show in Japan.

After Wild Nothing appeared on stage, fans waited with bated breath for the first track, a tension that gave way to cheers upon hearing the intro to Nocturne. Wild Nothing released a 7-track EP called Empty Estate in May this year, three tunes of which fans were treated to on Thursday night. The rest of the set was comprised mainly of Nocturne (2012) tracks with a spattering of melodies from Gemini (2010).

Wild Nothing, although playing as a full band on tour, initially began as the moniker for Jack Tatum’s writing, with every track composed entirely by himself besides some additional drumming. Thankfully, his music translates perfectly into the full band format, the sound matching the full and youthful exuberance found recorded.

All in all, it was an understated set with very little flash or flamboyance, Tatum and Co. declining to speak much to the audience, aside from a couple of mumbled Thank Yous. However, after closing with delicious Gemini track Summer Holiday, Tatum was to be found outside by the merch booth taking photos with fans, humbly and graciously thanking them in person.